LM Consulting Dietitians, LLC

Happy Insides, Happy Outsides

Our passion is to provide fun, simple and effective nutrition 

education & support so that our clients can 

reach their personal health goals.

We do this by giving our clients:

  • Factual nutrition information –translated into real life scenarios
  • Dollar value in savings
  • Fun, positive & enthusiastic approach to nutrition
  • Real-world advice, dos & don’ts, how-to’s and instructions
  • Support for weight loss
  • Nutrition counseling for specific medical diagnosis

We service the following three areas:

  • Corporate Businesses
  • Personal Nutrition Counseling
  • Group Nutrition Services (Small and Large group)

Our team has years of experience and a passion for nutrition education.

We at LM Consulting Dietitians have done and will continue to do the research for you.

WE want to be YOUR nutrition experts!