LM Consulting Dietitians, LLC

Happy Insides, Happy Outsides

"Happy Insides, Happy Outsides" 

Means that what we literally feed our bodies reflects on the outside of ourselves. We all want to look and feel our best; 

we propose that this happens from the inside out, not only from the outside in. 


We know nutrition. We know food. We know our way around the kitchen. 

And we will be the first to admit, we LOVE to eat!

Value based business is very important to us.  These are at the core of how we operate everyday:

Encouragement: We understand that making life changes can be difficult so we offer encouragement throughout the process.

Empathy: We conduct ourselves with natural empathy; our interactions with our clients reflect our empathetic nature.  We always strive to see and feel the world as our client would.

Honesty: We share nutritional information with an honest filter, making it a priority to deliver relevant and true communication.

Respect: We treat individuals with respect no matter one’s background, experiences and earthly challenges.

Ethics: We operate our business with the highest ethical standards.  We do not compromise our Ethics.

Confidentiality: We handle our clients’ personal information with the utmost level of confidentiality.

Consistency and Follow through: We begin, continue and maintain a nutrition program with our clients. 

Our Team

Leanne Goncalves R.D., L.D.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Lead Dietitian

Member of the LLC

Leanne develops and formulates our business training and educational materials.  Her extensive knowledge and refined skill set are the basis for what and how our business operates.  She not only works directly with clients, but also personally conducts in-services and conference speaking sessions.  She directly oversees the training and ongoing development of our team.

Leanne is dedicated to empowering everyone to live healthier and happier lives. Her sole aim is to make nutrition simple, fun and accessible.

With over 25 years experience, Leanne brings her various expertise to the masses with relevant, easy to understand & lighthearted nutrition information.

Some highlights of her background include the following:  Food Service Management & Experienced Pastry Chef, Front & Back of House Restaurant Experience, Cleft Palate Team Member, Consulting Dietitian for area Physicians, Community Nutrition Education: Libraries, Grocery Stores, YMCA, Churches, Schools, Microwave Cooking Instructor (As well as a Representative for Quazar & Amana), College Instructor & Adult Education Instructor, Individual & Group Nutrition Counseling, W.I.C. Supervisor, Nutrition Education for  County Jail Inmates, Head Start Nutrition Adviser, Nutrition Services Provider for IO Waiver Clients, Corporate Nutrition Consulting, TV and Radio Appearances.

Check out Leanne's Smashwords author page here.

"The art of healthy eating can be fun, colorful, inexpensive and simple.

I can't wait to show you how!" -Leanne

Monica Walker, M.A.

Business Manager

Member of the LLC

Monica works closely with the CEO to manage business development.  She handles social media management, marketing, client relations and recruiting new team members. 

Monica has always been passionate about helping people learn about themselves and the world around them. 

Personally, she has learned to make significant changes in her diet and lifestyle due to sensitivities to dairy and artificial ingredients. Her journey has given her a new perspective on food habits and an empathy for others trying to make changes in their own lives.

Professionally, she has a wide range of skills and capabilities gained through international travel, extensive education and continuing life experiences. 

The following touch upon her favorite:

M.A. in Cross Cultural Communications with International Management

Professional Communications Training, 

Executive Coaching, Team Coaching, Supervisor Coaching & Individual Coaching, 

Personality Type Assessment & Coaching, 

Large and Small Group Facilitation.

Check out Monica's Smashwords author page here.

"There is so much information on diet & nutrition available today. 

We want to translate and filter all that STUFF for you so you can make informed decisions about what you choose to put into your mouth. Let us work for you!" -Monica