LM Consulting Dietitians, LLC

Happy Insides, Happy Outsides

Corporate Business:

We offer tailored programs to the the needs of your employees; many corporations have identified the (top 5) most prevalent medical conditions.  Our services would certainly be personalized to address these trends.

Appreciating that cost savings is priority, we look to use nutrition as a means of preventative medicine.  For example, an employee may have high blood pressure.  These medications cost  the employee $x per year, the company $x per year and the insurance company $x per year. 

Our approach would use several tools.

1.  Education (factual information presented in ways that real people understand)

2. Actual answers for our employee's questions (i.e. What am I eating that has so much salt in it? etc...)

3.  Helping our employee find out what else he/she can do beyond the medicine.

Our goal would be to take this hypothetical employee to a place where their high blood pressure medicine is no longer needed.  We have done it before; each time is a win for the individual!  In this scenario, it is also a win for your company-- in $$$ savings for your company and in happy, healthy employees.

In essence, we want to help you bring a new kind of corporate service to your employees --available on their breaks, lunches and before/after work.  The feedback that we have received thus far has been phenomenal!  We come in with a lighthearted, fun, easily approachable attitude, making it easy for anyone to ask anything (and they do!). 

We recommend booking once monthly to retain consistency and allow us to build trust in our relationships with your employees; however, if your needs are more or less we can work with them as well.