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Happy Insides, Happy Outsides

Want to reach a group with an informational, unique and fun nutrition training?

Want your attendees to leave energized, empowered and excited?

This is what you have been looking for!

Still booking for 2016! Reserve us for your event today, dates and times are limited.  

Leanne Goncalves, R.D., L.D. has been featured as a speaker at:

  • 2013 Fall OPRA Conference 
  • 2014 Fall OPRA Conference
  • 2014 Synergy Conference
  • 2015 Dream Child Conference
  • Multiple County In-services
  • Multiple Staff Trainings 

Group Size: 

Any size group welcome! All sessions are highly interactive, no matter the group size!


Please contact us for pricing specific to your event.  We would be happy to provide you with an estimated cost!*

*One hour minimum booking please.  When organizing session length, please keep in mind many attendees of our past sessions have requested longer sessions! 


Our most requested session is "Pee Should Be Clear, Poop Should Float". We have several sessions that cover nutritional themes applicable to all groups.  Topics can also be tailored to the overall theme of the event or the needs of the attendees.