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IO WAIVER Frequently Asked Questions:

Is LM Consulting Dietitians, LLC still providing nutrition services under the IO Waiver?

No, LM Consulting Dietitians is no longer an Independent Service Provider in the State of Ohio and therefore cannot provide nutrition services to the individual under the IO Waiver.  However, we are still providing nutritional counseling and accept any client wishing to self pay. 

Was the discontinuation of these services due to a poor result?

No.  Actually, the results with the individual, guardians and all areas of staff was hugely successful!  Through the services we provided, many people lost weight, improved chronic illness, reduced the need for medication, improved mood and activity levels and learned about nutrition in a whole new way.  It was common for the families, staff and guardians to also implement the education being provided and see improvements in their own health!  

The discontinuation of services and the choice to not renew our provider certification was not at all linked to the results or feedback we received.  As a functioning small business, often difficult decisions must be made to change course.  This was such a decision on behalf of the members of the LLC.

Will LM Consulting Dietitians continue to be involved in the health of the individuals?

Yes, however our role will change.  We will no longer be providing services to individuals one-on-one as covered under the IO Waiver.  Will will continue to accept clients who wish to "self pay" for services and also will be adapting to service groups so as to reach a larger number of people.  We are constantly looking for the most efficient and effective way to promote nutrition and to provide the highest quality of service to all of our clients.

How will LM Consulting Dietitians be involved?

We will continue to be available for staff in-services, conferences and other group speaking engagements. We will also continue to accept any clients who wish to self pay for services.   

These avenues have also been enormously successful!  We have received hundreds of survey responses stating how much fun participants had, how much they learned and can apply the information to their own health and the health of those they serve.  Be sure to stop by our Facebook page to read specific comments of past participants!

How can I stay connected with LM Consulting Dietitians?

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