LM Consulting Dietitians, LLC

Happy Insides, Happy Outsides

Corporate Businesses:

  • Focus on top medical needs of employees.
  • Prevention as a means of cost savings for your company.
  • Q & A, presentations, demos, etc (personalized to the needs of your business/employees).
  • We work closely with health coach (if available on site).
  • Quizzes, handouts, testimonials and other documentation can be available if needed for documentation of progress.
  • On-site Individual Nutrition Counseling with a Registered Dietitian for your employees.

*Please contact us for customized pricing options and more information regarding employee insurance coverage.

Personal/Group Nutrition Services:

  • Menus and coordinating Shopping Lists.
  • Personalized Groups.
  • Personalized Shopping Tours.
  • Personalized Cooking Demos. 

*Personal insurance coverage may vary.  Insurance may reimburse for all or partial cost.   Please check with your insurance company.

In-services, Conferences & Speaking Engagements:

  •  Customized to conference topics if requested.
  • No Group Size Limit.
  • Information that is presented is easy to understand and attendees are encouraged to participate and as questions throughout the session. 
  • We are able to address all nutrition related topics.
  • Easily reach a group of any size with informative, engaging and entertaining presentations!

All of our clients (as well as non-clients) have access to all of our social media sites.  We encourage fluid and frequent feedback through these avenues to promote open discussion.